Brittney Pelloquin Art


My goal as a portrait artist is not only to produce a good likeness, but to produce a work of art that brings the individual to life. I work directly from a photograph, editing any details you would like removed or added into the artwork and can combine multiple photos into one portrait.

I believe my personal strength as an artist began by working in graphite and have worked a long time to develop my specific style of realism and level of quality. Leads used are varied from HB to 8B to provide many ranges of contrast and detail. My pieces take anywhere from 30 to hundreds of hours, depending on the size and detail involved. I take great pleasure in watching a piece come to life before me.

Oil is the traditional and time-honored medium for a fine-art portrait. Because an oil painting, after it has dried, receives a final coat of protective varnish, it can be framed without glass. For this reason, among others, oil is the preferred medium for large formal paintings, as well as for smaller portraits. Colors in an oil painting are true and brilliant. Portraits in oil can appear even more real and present than a photograph. 

Once the photographs are approved and decisions are completed so that work can proceed on the portrait, the cost is adjusted and finalized. The finished portrait should be ready in one to five months, depending on the medium and  work schedule at the time.

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