Brittney Pelloquin Art

Body Painting

Similar to my body cast sculptures, I believe in capturing that moment in ones life through another artistic form. By applying paint directly onto the model itself, I tranform their body into a fine art creation. Bringing out the beauty of each individual in its purest form, I want my model to feel beautiful in their own skin.

Commissioned body paintings are where the artist is "hired" to paint a particular individual or couple. Commissions allow the clients some creative influence regarding style and subject matter and commissions also guarantee a painting will occur on the agreed person and or model.  The detail of the image will determine the legnth of time spent in the studio the day of the shoot. This can range from 4-8 hours. You are in a professional and comfortable working environment and are treated to refreshments and food. You are guaranteed multiple digital photographs with in 2 weeks from the shoot. My commissions are generally done in my studio and usually follow the procedure below.

1) An initial discussion between the artist and the potential client/ model is the first step by phone, email or in person.
2) An evaluation of the model's body must then be made as to establish possible poses and angels to be painted. This is most often and best done with the artist doing a photo shoot personally.
3) a deposit is then paid to the artist.
4) The artist then designs the painting and has it approved by the client.

5) The painting day is scheduled.
6) The painting is created and the balance of the commission is paid to the artist.
7) The client decides upon a type, size and quantity of prints desired. (Prints are a separate option and are not included as a part of the commission fee.)
8) Clients have a variety of options regarding the ownership of the image created. Shared ownership with the artist is the most common and least expensive.